Faldowell (Pty) Ltd is a specialist finance company targeting the formally employed market with an unsecured short-term loan offering. Our mission is to provide a broad range of financial products and services to South African consumers. Faldowell seeks to provide value through offering customers more that what is expected. We operate as a registered micro-financier and provide unsecured loans which currently do not exceed R200 000 with payment period of up to 6 months.

As a fully compliant, NCR registered company,  Faldowell (Pty) Ltd is committed to helping people make a difference in their lives every day through responsible access to credit. People without any security can borrow money for several reasons including stocks, capital, business furniture and plant, machinery, fittings, supplies and equipment. At Faldowell we believe in responsible credit; we therefore make sure that our customers understand the terms of repayment and encourage them to borrow for the right reasons. We are unwavering in our loyalty to clients and guarantee to provide a service that is professional, fair and equal and that respects the privacy and information of each customer